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24 Hours Berlin - 8-DVD Box Set (DVD) (*)

Original Title: 24 h Berlin - Ein Tag im Leben
Alternate Title: 24h Berlin - A Day in the Life
Language Selections:
English ( Subtitles )
German ( Dolby Digital Stereo )

Product Origin/Format:
Germany ( PAL/Region 0 )

Running Time:
1440 min + Extras

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (1.78:1)

Special Features:
Box Set
Cast/Crew Interview(s)
Interactive Menu
Making Of
Multi-DVD Set
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 2009 and produced in:
Germany ( Germany, Central Europe )

Directed By:
Volker Heise
Alice Agneskirchner

Written By:
Volker Heise
Alice Agneskirchner

Boris Aljinovic ..... ErzŠhle
Hakan Altinšz ..... Himself
Jaqueline Assmann ..... Herself
Daniel Barenboim ..... Himself
Fiona Bennett ..... Herself
Alex Beribes ..... Himself
RenŽ Binder ..... Himself
Leslie Bomba ..... Herself
JŽrome Bony ..... Himself
Anneliese Bullack ..... Herself
Cathrin Bšhme ..... Herself
Nicolas Alexander Bšll ..... ErzŠhle
Andreas Constien ..... Himself
Alke Dannenberg ..... Herself
Thomas de Maizire ..... Himself
Kai Diekmann ..... Himself
Sophie Diernberger ..... ErzŠhleri
Aimo Ferko ..... Himself
Stefan Fleischer ..... Himself
Martha Foday ..... Herself
Johanna Freymann ..... Herself
Peter Freymann ..... Himself
Bernd Fritsche ..... Himself
Sven Frohn-Langnick ..... Himself
Andreas Geyer ..... Himself
Margarete Hain ..... Herself
Christopher Hansen ..... Himself
Ali Haydar ..... Himself
Mario Heisig ..... Himself
Mario Hempel ..... Himself
Michael Hoffmann ..... Himself
Noriko Ihlow ..... Herself
Ursula Joseph ..... Herself
Nazli Kirci ..... Herself
Mascha Kittler ..... Herself
Kevin Kranz ..... Himself
Mario KrŸger ..... Himself
Alina Larion ..... Herself
Leonie Lehmann ..... Herself
Kurt Lummert ..... Himself
Gerd Harry Lybke ..... Himself
Jaron Lšwenberg ..... ErzŠhle
Sarnai Manchuk ..... Herself
Ulli Mayer-Johanssen ..... Herself
Axel Milberg ..... ErzŠhle
Harm MŸller-Spreer ..... Himself
Ole ..... Himself
Jšrg Paschke ..... Himself
Manuela Paschke ..... Herself
Udo Petter ..... Himself
Anke Plehn ..... Herself
Angie Reed ..... Herself
Martina Reimer ..... Herself
Gerrit Schmidt-Fo§ ..... ErzŠhle
Marina Schneider ..... Herself
Ingo Scholz ..... Himself
Maria Schreiber ..... Herself
Sidney ..... Herself
Nadja Singer ..... Herself
Victor Singer ..... Himself
Abdoulaziz Sinka ..... Himself
Werner Sonne ..... Himself
Jšrg Textor ..... Himself
Andreas Thamm ..... Himself
Onca Turan ..... Herself
Jutta Urban ..... Herself
Paul Van Dyk ..... Himself
Gloria Viagra ..... Herself
Ricardo Villalobos ..... Himself
Sasha Waltz ..... Herself
Anne Wenzel ..... Herself
Hardy Wischmeier ..... Himself
Klaus Wowereit ..... Himself
Kurt Zeunert ..... Himself
GŸnter Ziems ..... Himself

24h Berlin - A Day in the Life has been called the world's longest documentary. On September 5, 2009, 80 camera teams followed the adventures of various residents of the German metropolis for a day and a night. The 24 hour-long documentary is an ode to the city in which the lives of millions of people suddenly changed because they were no longer willing to accept the wall that split them in two. The makers of this film wanted to find out about modern life in Berlin. The scene shifts from the trendy clubs and restaurants in the city center to a jail in the north and then to the south, west, and east. The cameras follow many different kinds of people, ranging from a call center employee to a drug addict to the city's mayor. We see a transvestite transforming himself into Gloria Viagra and performing an evening show with her band, and we watch as Bild magazine general editor Kai Diekmann expresses to his editorial team what he truly thinks about the quality of their work. Even a few sex scenes were included in the final edit - sex is part of life in the city, after all. The 24 episodes draw from 750 hours of raw footage.

Berlin has an unstable history, was the ReichÕs capital, became a landscape of rubble, a border town, a divided and finally a reunited city. Today, Berlin is still a city of contradictions, always in search of its identity. Ò24h BerlinÓ portrays a day in the life of one of the most loved European metropolises, 20 years after the Wall came down. One whole day in the life of a city and its inhabitants experienced and shot, by professionals and amateurs, planned and spontaneous. One year later broadcast on TV - again for 24 hours, without interruption, in conjunction with a website, events and a digital archive for the future: on September 5th, 2009 the world watches Berlin going about its daily life. Ò24h BerlinÓ is a 24 hour-long documentary tale rethinking the possibilities of television.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 May, 2015.


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