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100 Code - 4-DVD Box Set (DVD) (*)

Original Title: The Hundred Code
Screened, competed or awarded at:
Other Film Festival Awards

Language Selections:
English ( Dolby Digital 5.1 )
German ( Dolby Digital 5.1 )
German ( Subtitles )

Product Origin/Format:
Germany ( PAL/Region 2 )

Running Time:
528 min + 45 min extras

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (1.78:1)

Special Features:
Box Set
Cast/Crew Interview(s)
Interactive Menu
Multi-DVD Set
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 2015 and produced in:
Germany ( Germany, Central Europe )
Sweden ( Scandinavia, Iceland )

Directed By:
Robert Moresco
Ken Bruen

Written By:
Lisa James-Larsson
Allan Steele

Michael Nyqvist ..... Mikael Eklund (12 episodes, 2015)
Dominic Monaghan ..... Tommy Conley (12 episodes, 2015)
Felice Jankell ..... Hanna Eklund (12 episodes, 2015)
Charlotta Jonsson ..... Karin Hammar (12 episodes, 2015)
Danilo Bejarano ..... Björn johnsson (11 episodes, 2015)
Kristoffer Berglund ..... Phille (10 episodes, 2015)
Peter Eggers ..... Göran (10 episodes, 2015)
Hedda Stiernstedt ..... Josephine (10 episodes, 2015)
Roisin Murphy ..... Maggie (8 episodes, 2015)
Christian Svensson ..... Andrej (6 episodes, 2015)

***ATTENTION***The original version is in English and Swedish with Swedish passages subtitled in English***New York, USA. Stockholm, Sweden. Over the past twelve months young, blonde, blue-eyed women have been found dead in a meadow where Asphodel flowers grow. New York Detective Tommy Conley gets a special dispensation from the NYPD to go observe and act as an adviser to the Stockholm Police Department in order to help solve these crimes.

Season 1
Pilot S1, Ep1 6 Mar. 2015
Over the past 16 months, young, blonde, blue-eyed women have been found dead and buried in a field of asphodels. Tracking the killer from New York to Stockholm, NYPD detective Conley is on a special dispensation to observe and advise the Stockholm PD.
Flowers in Hell S1, Ep2 26 Mar. 2015
Conley is dedicating every waking hour to keeping the killer from finding his victims. With Eklund's team of officers, he is shadowing the two main suspects, a professor and a dentist, both of whom have been in New York and Stockholm during the killings.
Down the Rabbit Hole S1, Ep3 2 Apr. 2015
The team and the Stockholm PD are searching the hospital and surrounding area for the escapee dentist, whose shocking prophecy that there will be more victims torments Eklund and Conley. While the investigation continues, a new string of murders unfold.
My Only Friend S1, Ep4 9 Apr. 2015
Anonymous With the help of a computer hacker Conley (Dominic Monghan) and Ecklund (Michael Nyqvist) try to merge the existing evidence. In the " Deep Web" the find a trace: someone with the initials "LH" who is apparently recruiting Killers via Web. Thereafter Ecklund reached the news of another horrible crime in Stockholm. A Scandinavian gritty thriller voltage with two international TV Stars as unusual investigators duo.
The First Blush S1, Ep5 16 Apr. 2015
Following their lead on the copycat killer, the team finds yet another connection to L.H. and the "Temptations" chatroom. Meanwhile L.H.'s mission to recruit Andrej continues. He receives a Russian passport and appears to be on his way to Stockholm.
There Are No Heroes S1, Ep6 2015
Conely is tormented by his past, and Eklund deals with a former partner and friend. Meanwhile Frida's deadly hunt to kill truckers continues. The drug she uses to immobilize them ties her to L.H. Her motivation remains a secret to the team.
The Cop That Hugs S1, Ep7 2015
Martin Lindstrom, a frustrated ex-cop, who was unjustly fired, is out for revenge. He runs amok and shoots and kills random police officers, among them, Andersson, one of Eklund's team. In the meantime, Andrej is setting out to find his first victim.
Nobody Sleeps S1, Ep8 2015
Phille and the team create an alter ego on the "Temptations" chatroom to lure L.H. to get in contact and divulge information. Awaiting a response, each of the team wrestles with their own demons.
The Deep Heart's Core S1, Ep9 2015
With his fake profile in the chatroom, Phille manages to lure L.H. in. The police find the dead body of a young woman named Sofia and her father points them in the direction of a refugee named Amir, who hosts private sex parties that Sofia had attended.
Secrets S1, Ep10 2015
Investigating Sofia's murder, the team finds a rubber container stained with blood. Göran takes Hanna for a weekend in the countryside. Eklund and Conley interrogate Amir and finds out about Göran blackmailing him.
Still Living After All S1, Ep11 2015
Conley has an epiphany. It dawns on him that the paintings he saw in Forsberg's apartment resemble the paintings found in Andrej's cabin. Forsberg has to be involved. Conley and Eklund find Forsberg's apartment deserted.
Everytime You Think You're Winning S1, Ep12 2015
Putting his partner's life over the arrest of Forsberg, Conley dives into the water and fights for Eklund's life. Asha, who has been arrested, is interrogated by Eklund and Conley. She finally caves in to Conley's interrogation and gives up her secret.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 04 December, 2015.


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