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Toast of London (Series 1 & 2) - 2-DVD Box Set (DVD) (*)
Out of Stock

Alternate Title: Toast of London - Series One and Two
Screened, competed or awarded at:
Other Film Festival Awards

Language Selections:
English ( Dolby Digital Stereo )
English ( Subtitles )

Product Origin/Format:
United Kingdom ( PAL/Region 2 )

Running Time:
279 min + 149 min extras

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (1.78:1)

Special Features:
2-DVD Set
Box Set
Interactive Menu
Scene Access
Short Film

Movie filmed in 2012 and produced in:
United Kingdom ( Great Britain, Ireland )

Directed By:
Michael Cumming

Written By:
Matt Berry
Arthur Mathews

Matt Berry ..... Steven Toast (13 episodes, 2012-2014)
Robert Bathurst ..... Ed Howzer-Black (12 episodes, 2012-2014)
Doon Mackichan ..... Jane Plough (12 episodes, 2013-2014)
Shazad Latif ..... Clem Fandango (12 episodes, 2012-2014)
Tim Downie ..... Danny Bear (10 episodes, 2012-2014)
Harry Peacock ..... Ray Purchase (8 episodes, 2012-2014)
Tracy Ann Oberman ..... Mrs. Purchase (5 episodes, 2012-2014)
Adrian Lukis ..... Blair Toast (4 episodes, 2012-2014)
Geoffrey McGivern ..... Acker Herron / ... (3 episodes, 2012-2014)
Terry Mynott ..... Axel Jacklin / ... (3 episodes, 2014)
Amanda Donohoe ..... Ellen / ... (2 episodes, 2013-2014)
Gus Brown ..... Bob Fennison / ... (2 episodes, 2013-2014)

Meet Steven Toast (Matt Berry, The IT Crowd, House of Fools) - actor, ladies' man and aficionado of some of Soho's finest drinking clubs. With the often misguided assistance of his old-school 'retro' agent Jane Plough (Doon Mackichan, Smack the Pony, Plebs) and peculiar flatmate Ed Howzer-Black (Robert Bathurst, Cold Feet, Downton Abbey), Toast faces a multitude of obstacles in his quest for fame and recognition. These include murderous director Acker Herron, arch-nemesis Ray 'Bloody' Purchase, submarines, Bruce Forsyth lookalikes, obsessive hoarders, Freemasonry, and the real Michael Ball.

Season 1
The Unspeakable Play S1, Ep0 20 Aug. 2012
Pilloried by the public after appearing in a controversial West End play, actor Steven Toast is recently-divorced and living with his friend Ed Howzer-Black and Ed's elderly mistress Goodhouse, an agoraphobic who has not left the house in two years for fear of a local flasher. He would move into the club where his shell-shocked ex-soldier brother Blair lives but Ray Purchase, a rival actor who caught Toast in bed with his wife, prevents it. Toast auditions to play a gay detective in 'Summer Time Murders' but has to audition in prison since the producer Cliff Promise ...
Addictive Personality S1, Ep1 20 Oct. 2013
Actor Steven Toast is informed by agent Jane Plough that Braz magazine have awarded him a Best Actor award. As a result he is interviewed by journalist Susan Random, to whom he is attracted, despite her being an alcoholic and extreme hoarder, whose house is full of junk. He is also pursued by Jemima Gina, who wears an electronic tag after being found guilty of trying to murder her boyfriend and who follows him to Susan's house. Both women discover that they like collecting beaks but the romance is killed for Steven. House-mate Ed is hosting a Nigerian girl-friend ...
Afternoon Tea S1, Ep2 27 Oct. 2013
After yet another appalling review Steven rehearses for a new play but encounters a double obstacle. One is the presence of the vengeful Ray Purchase as co-star, the other the fact that the director, Acker Herron, is a lunatic who kills actors who will not obey him. Indeed Steven finds himself literally taking part in a life and death duel with Herron - which he is lucky to win. Afterwards he goes to a hotel to have 'afternoon tea' with an escort whom he has booked through an agency - only to discover that she is an old flame, TV producer Greta Cargo, with whom he ...
Vanity Project S1, Ep3 3 Nov. 2013
After his foul-mouthed ex-wife Ellen beats him up with a club on a mini-golf course Steven learns that she wants a hefty divorce settlement so it seems a gift when he is offered a part in the block-buster 'Prince Philip, Scoundrel Dog' directed by anti-Royalist rich Arab Mr Fasili. Jane thinks this is too controversial and suggests he does a laxative ad instead but Steven is not keen. However, when Mr Fasili dies before paying him Steven is all set to become the face of Lax-A-Daisy, until he finds out what happened to the last actor to do this.
Submission S1, Ep4 10 Nov. 2013
Having recorded voice-overs for use on new navy submarine the 'Penetrator', Toast, who has a penchant for ladies in uniform, is delighted when Commander Scott-Gorham, the woman officer in charge, invites him to its launch. Together they overpower mad vice-commander Hopkinson-Finch, who claims that he was abducted by aliens who have programmed him to launch a nuclear strike on America and end up with a date in the offing. This does not sit well with Steven's current girlfriend Portia de Coogan, daughter of Defence Minister Lord Fotheringham but then his lordship gets ...
The End S1, Ep5 17 Nov. 2013
Tired of voice-overs and the awful play Steven writes an erotic novel - as Paloma Toast - and new agent Brooke Hooberman secures a deal with publisher Yvonne Wryly to take it. Unfortunately it lacks an ending though when Steven devises one Yvonne derides it, whereupon life rather grotesquely mirrors art. At the same time Steven has sex with bar pick-up Kate Khan in the presence of her supposedly blind aunt but when he is approached to make a porn movie it turns out that the aunt was actually filming him with Kate. In the event neither of his alternative new careers ...
Bonus Ball S1, Ep6 24 Nov. 2013
After failing to become the screen's next James Bond Steven loses twenty thousand pounds to Andrew Lloyd Webber in a poker game and is pursued by Lloyd Webber's recovery man Michael Ball though finding time to dub a gay German porn film with Ray Purchase - not very well. Having escaped Purchase, who has caught him in bed with his wife again, Steven flees from Michael Ball, ending up on a stage in a small theatrical production where Purchase inadvertently saves him from Ball. Critics and audiences however love what they see and Steven is declared a hit at last.
Season 2
Match Fit S2, Ep1 3 Nov. 2014
Steven Toast wants to enter an actors and prostitute blow football competition which is raising money for homeless ponies. He hopes to team up with his arch nemesis' wife Mrs Purchase but ends up being partnered with Wendy Nook.
Desperate Measures S2, Ep2 10 Nov. 2014
Fed up with voice-overs Steven turns down a children's show - recalling an awkward moment in the past - and falls out with a gun-toting director. After Purchase has ratted on him to the tax people he agrees to helm the stage version of 'Calendar Girls' after the director has supposedly died. His aggressive attitude toward the female cast gets him sacked and there is worse to come when one of them offers him a lift home. The only way to pay off the bill is to travel to the Congo to advertise Red Carpet cigarettes.
The Moose Trap S2, Ep3 17 Nov. 2014
Over-tired after recording an all night voice-over session of SatNav for the Elderly, Steven goes on radio's 'Woman's Hour' to discuss his role as Inspector Attenborough in Anthea Crippen's long-running play. 'The Moose Trap'. Sadly he reveals the name of the murder, and is universally shunned when the play is forced to close. He is optimistic when soldier brother Blair suggests he auditions as the announcer on 'University Challenge' but, after he has caused Jeremy Paxman to fall out of a window, the job goes to Ray purchase.
High Winds Actor S2, Ep4 24 Nov. 2014
When Steven's friend Axel Jacklin, Britain's best actor at performing in front of a wind machine, dies Steven's agent Jane puts him up for the leading role in a period maritime drama and he proves that he can withstand the machine. However he must be a Freemason to secure the part and makes a hurried trip to the East End to buy his way into the initiation ceremony. He is duly accepted but unfortunately one of the masons officiating is Ray Purchase, who ensures that everybody knows Steven only joined to get the part and loses it for him.
Buried Alive S2, Ep5 1 Dec. 2014
After discovering that ex-wife Ellen is to marry potato crisps magnate Sterling Porrich Steven gets a role in a Hollywood blockbuster alongside crazy super-star Max Gland. However the role involves him being buried alive and he is left underground when the crew disappears. Thanks to his wonderful new phone he is able to record a voice-over for Porrich's crisps long distance and, after being rescued as a result of fracking, takes suitable revenge on his rival.
Fool in Love S2, Ep6 8 Dec. 2014
Toast finds himself having to move out from his digs while Ed's niece, Honeysuckle, comes to stay. Honeysuckle has come down to get homeopathy treatment for an allergy which is more close to demonic possession. Toast also learns the love of his life and the woman that broke his heart is back in town appearing in a west end show. While moving out of Ed's to stay with Francis Bacon "I thought he was dead?", Toast bumps into her and they look like they might get back together or is there another reason that she is plotting and will she only break Toast's heart again.

Steven Toast, an eccentric middle aged actor with a chequered past, spends more time dealing with his problems off stage than performing on it.
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 06 March, 2015.


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