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A Beginner's Guide To Cinema (Vol. 3) - 7-DVD Box Set (DVD) (*)
$71.99 $59.95

Original Title: La pianiste / Le fils / De fem benspænd / Zivot je cudo (Hungry Heart) / La science des rêves / Auf der anderen Seite (On the Other Side)
Alternate Title: The Piano Teacher / The Son / The Five Obstructions / Life is a Miracle / The Science of Sleep / The Edge of Heaven
Screened, competed or awarded at:
BAFTA Awards
Cannes Film Festival
Ceasar Awards
European Film Awards
Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards
Goya Awards
Other Film Festival Awards

Language Selections:
Danish ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )
English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )
English ( Subtitles )
French ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )
German ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )
Hungarian ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )
Serbian ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )
Spanish ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )
Turkish ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )

Product Origin/Format:
Australia ( PAL/Region 4 )

Running Time:
668 min

Aspect Ratio:

Special Features:
Box Set
Cast/Crew Interview(s)
Interactive Menu
Making Of
Multi-DVD Set
Photo Gallery
Scene Access
Short Film

Movie filmed in 2001 - 2007 and produced in:
Austria ( Germany, Central Europe )
Belgium ( France, Benelux )
Denmark ( Scandinavia, Iceland )
France ( France, Benelux )
Germany ( Germany, Central Europe )
Italy ( Italy, Greece )
Serbia and Montenegro ( Russia, Eastern Europe )
Switzerland ( Germany, Central Europe )
Turkey ( Africa, Middle East )

Directed By:
Michael Haneke
Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Luc Dardenne
Jørgen Leth
Lars von Trier
Emir Kusturica
Michel Gondry
Fatih Akin

Written By:
Michael Haneke
Elfriede Jelinek
Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Luc Dardenne
Sophie Destin
Asger Leth
Ranko Bozic
Emir Kusturica
Michel Gondry
Fatih Akin

Isabelle Huppert ..... Erika Kohut
Annie Girardot ..... The Mother
Benoît Magimel ..... Walter Klemmer
Susanne Lothar ..... Mrs. Schober
Udo Samel ..... Dr. George Blonskij
Anna Sigalevitch ..... Anna Schober
Cornelia Köndgen ..... Mme Gerda Blonskij
Thomas Weinhappel ..... Baritone
Georg Friedrich ..... Man in drive-in
Philipp Heiss ..... Naprawnik
William Mang ..... Teacher
Rudolf Melichar ..... Director
Michael Schottenberg ..... Teacher
Gabriele Schuchter ..... Margot
Dieter Berner ..... Singing teacher
Olivier Gourmet ..... Olivier
Morgan Marinne ..... Francis
Isabella Soupart ..... Magali
Nassim Hassaïni ..... Omar
Kevin Leroy ..... Raoul
Félicien Pitsaer ..... Steve
Rémy Renaud ..... Philippo
Annette Closset ..... Training Center Director
Fabian Marnette ..... Rino
Pierre Nisse ..... Apprentice welder
Stephan Barbason ..... Apprentice welder
David Manna ..... Apprentice welder
Abdellah Amarjouf ..... Apprentice welder
Jimmy Deloof ..... Dany
Anne Gerard ..... Dany's Mother
Claus Nissen ..... The Perfect Man - from 'Det perfekte menneske' 1967
Majken Algren Nielsen ..... The Perfect Woman, from 'Det perfekte menneske' 1967)
Daniel Hernandez Rodriguez ..... The Perfect Man (segment 'Obstruction #1 - The Perfect Human: Cuba')
Jacqueline Arenal ..... The Perfect Woman (segment 'Obstruction #1 - The Perfect Human: Cuba')
Vivian Rosa ..... Voice-over (from 'Det perfekte menneske' 1967) / Himself - Director
Jørgen Leth ..... The Perfect Man / Voice-over (segment 'The Perfect Human: Brunelles Brussels')
Patrick Bauchau ..... The Perfect Woman (segment 'The Perfect Human: Brunelles Brussels')
Alexandra Vandernoot ..... Maid (segment 'The Perfect Human: Brunelles Brussels')
Marie Dejaer ..... Couple (Man) (segment 'The Perfect Human: Brunelles Brussels')
Pascal Perez ..... Couple (Woman) (segment 'The Perfect Human: BrunellesBrussels')
Meschell Perez ..... Gangster (from 'Det gode og det onde' 1975)
Bent Christensen ..... Naked Man (from 'Notater om kærligheden' 1989)
Anders Hove ..... Naked Woman (from 'Notater om kærligheden' 1989)
Charlotte Sieling ..... Man with Jacket (from 'Notater om kærligheden' 1989)
Jan Nowicki
Slavko Stimac ..... Luka
Natasa Tapuskovic ..... Sabaha
Vesna Trivalic ..... Jadranka
Vuk Kostic ..... Milos
Aleksandar Bercek ..... Veljo
Stribor Kusturica ..... Captain Aleksic
Nikola Kojo ..... Filipovic
Mirjana Karanovic ..... Nada
Branislav Lalevic ..... President
Davor Janjic ..... Tomo
Adnan Omerovic ..... Eso
Obrad Djurovic ..... Vujan
Dr. Nele Karajlic ..... Cymbal Player
Dana Todorovic ..... SF TV Reporter
Vanessa Glodjo ..... Nurse 1
Gael García Bernal ..... Stéphane Miroux
Charlotte Gainsbourg ..... Stéphanie
Alain Chabat ..... Guy
Miou-Miou ..... Christine Miroux
Pierre Vaneck ..... Monsieur Pouchet
Emma de Caunes ..... Zoé
Aurélia Petit ..... Martine
Sacha Bourdo ..... Serge
Stéphane Metzger ..... Sylvain
Alain de Moyencourt ..... Gérard
Inigo Lezzi ..... Monsieur Persinnet
Yvette Petit ..... Ivana
Jean-Michel Bernard ..... Piano-playing Policeman
Eric Mariotto ..... Policeman
Bertrand Delpierre ..... Présentateur JT
Nurgül Yesilçay ..... Ayten 'Gül' Öztürk
Baki Davrak ..... Nejat Aksu
Tuncel Kurtiz ..... Ali Aksu
Hanna Schygulla ..... Susanne Staub
Patrycia Ziolkowska ..... Charlotte Staub
Nursel Köse ..... Yeter / Jessy
Ali Akdeniz ..... Plainclothes Policeman May 1
Aliye Alioglu ..... Old woman in Camburnu
Asuman Altinay ..... Türkan
Onder Cakar ..... Riza Bey
Erkan Can ..... Nejat's Cousin
Emre Cosar ..... Cengiz
Gengiz Daner ..... Gas station owner
Sevilay Demirci ..... Nurhan
Elcim Eroglu ..... Elcim

***WARNING***Films contain original language audio with English subtitles***Six masterpieces of modern cinema available together for the first time. Showcasing six of the most important and influential European films of recent years, from double Palme d'Or winners Emir Kusturica and Jean-Luc and Pierre Dardenne to this year's winner, Austrian Michael Haneke, Danish enfant terrible Lars von Trier and his mentor Jørgen Leth, Michel Gondry and German wunderkind Fatih Akin, this box set will explain everything you wanted to know about 21st century European cinema, but were afraid to ask.
Erika Kohut (Isabelle Huppert) is a piano professor at a Vienna music conservatory.
THE SON (2002)
A deceptively simple story about a carpenter and a new apprentice.
An investigative journey into the phenomenon of 'documentary'.
What could be better for the village than a scenic railway to bring in the tourists? What could be worse for tourism than war?
Stéphane has a very fertile imagination but trouble with the everyday...
Nejat seems disapproving about his widower father Ali's choice of prostitute Yeter for a live-in girlfriend.

THE PIANO TEACHER - France/Austria (2001)
Isabelle Huppert gives a performance of astounding emotional intensity in this powerful and controversial work from award-winning filmmaker Michael Haneke. She plays Erika Kohut, a repressed, middle-aged piano teacher who lives with her tyrannical mother, and whose extreme desires are unleashed after a liaison with a handsome student.

THE SON - Belgium (2002)
A deceptively simple story about a carpenter and a new apprentice. Who is this boy Francis? If Olivier refused to take him into his workshop, why is he following him everywhere? Why does he seem so afraid of him? Humane and intensely realistic, The Son is a tense psychological thriller.

Lars von Trier challenges his mentor Jørgen Leth to remake his 1967 short The Perfect Human five times, each time under increasingly arduous conditions. First technical constraints are imposed, then geographical, each hurdle more fiendish than the last. The result is a wickedly enjoyable filmic duel and an insight into the human creative process.

LIFE IS A MIRACLE - Serbia & Montenegro/France/Italy (2004)
1992: Luka has installed himself in a remote Bosnian village with his diva wife and their son. When war breaks out, his family desert him-his wife for another man, his son to the frontline-and he finds himself in charge of a beautiful POW, Sabaha. An exuberant tale of star-crossed lovers, full of wine, song and dancing from dual Palme d'Or winner Emir Kusturica.

THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP - France/Italy (2006)
A film like no other. Stéphane has a very fertile imagination but trouble with the everyday, retreating instead into his own world of invention and projection, blurring the real and unreal. When he falls for Stéphanie next door, he opens his fantasy world to her, a world of cardboard sculptures, time-travel machines, human flight and disasterology.

THE EDGE OF HEAVEN - Germany/Italy/Turkey (2007)
The Edge of Heaven is a hauntingly moving ensemble drama from German-Turkish director Fatih Akin. Weaving storylines between Bremen and Istanbul, Akin brings together three families-a father and son, and two mothers and their daughters-caught up in inter-continental love affairs.

The Piano Teacher (2001)
Erika Kohut is a pianist, teaching music. Schubert and Schumann are her forte, but she's not quite at concert level. She's approaching middle age, living with her mother who is domineering then submissive; Erika is a victim then combative. With her students she is severe. She visits a sex shop to watch DVDs; she walks a drive-in theater to stare at couples having sex. Walter is a self-assured student with some musical talent; he auditions for her class and is forthright in his attraction to her. She responds coldly then demands he let her lead. Next she changes the game with a letter, inviting him into her fantasies. How will he respond; how does sex have power over our other faculties?

The Son (2002)
Olivier - meticulous, careful, even-handed - teaches carpentry at a vocational school in Liège. He's asked to take on Francis, 16, a new student. He declines the request then begins to watch, even spy on, the new lad. Olivier knows something. Later that day, he's visited by Magali, his ex-wife, who tells him that she's remarrying and is pregnant. Olivier seems to follow instinctive responses: 'why today?' he demands of Magali; he continues to follow Francis; he changes his mind about enrolling the youth. What's the history between the two? After that becomes clear, what is it Olivier will do? Is this precise and measured carpenter in control of himself?

The Five Obstructions (2003)
The Five Obstructions, a 100 min. theatre documentary directed by Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth. An investigative journey into the phenomenon of 'documentary', based on manifestos written by each director. About a filmmaker not only revisiting, but also recreating (not in a conventional sense) one of his first films, The Perfect Human / Det perfekte menneske (1967), a document on life in Denmark, containing the familiar Leth idiosyncrasies.

Life is a Miracle (2004)
Karakaj is a small village on the border of Serbia and Bosnia. Luka is a railroad keeper who sees his life fall into a turmoil when the 1993 war breaks: his young son is taken by the army, and his crazed wife escapes. His village friends kidnap a muslim nurse and plot to exchange her as a POW for Luka's son. None of them knew that she had a crush on Luka...

The Science of Sleep (2006)
Following the death of his father in Mexico, Stéphane Miroux, a shy insecure young man, agrees to come to Paris to draw closer to his widowed mother Christine. He lands a boring job at a calendar-making firm and falls in love with his charming neighbor Stéphanie. But conquering her is no bed of roses for the young man and the only solution he finds to put up with the difficulties he is going through is escape into a dream world...

The Edge of Heaven (2007)
Nejat seems disapproving about his widower father Ali's choice of prostitute Yeter for a live-in girlfriend. But he grows fond of her when he discovers she sends money home to Turkey for her daughter's university studies. Yeter's sudden death distances father and son. Nejat travels to Istanbul to search for Yeter's daughter Ayten. Political activist Ayten has fled the Turkish police and is already in Germany. She is befriended by a young woman, Lotte, who invites rebellious Ayten to stay in her home, a gesture not particularly pleasing to her conservative mother Susanne. When Ayten is arrested and her asylum plea is denied, she is deported and imprisoned in Turkey. Lotte travels to Turkey,where she gets caught up in the seemingly hopeless situation of freeing Ayten.
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 September, 2012.


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