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Multi-Region DVD and Blu-Ray Players

Since our DVDs come from Western Europe and Australia and New Zealand, all of our DVDs are PAL-formatted. Most of them are Region 2 or Region 4 releases, while some are Region 0. In order to view our DVDs in USA, Canada, Mexico and other countries, please make sure that your DVD player will support both the DVD's format (PAL) and it's Region coding.

The Multi-Region DVD players were very expensive and almost impossible to find in USA just a few years ago. That has changed recently - you can now get a decent Multi-Region DVD player for under $40-$60 at most of the major US retailers, and you can get a good one from about $40 and up. However, inquiring about the Multi-Region DVD Players at your neighborhood store would be useless, since most salespeople are unaware about them, even though their stores do carry such models.

Also, some of our buyers may already own such a model, without even knowing it! Here are a couple of places where you can check if your DVD players is PAL compatible and wether it could be easily coded to be Multi-Region:
www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers - this link will allow you to check if your DVD player is PAL-compatible
www.videohelp.com/dvdhacks - this link will allow you to search for the sequence of codes (hack) to make it Multi-Region (Region-free).

Please note that we do not endorse the information provide at the website above, nor are we affiliated with it in any way.

Although we do not sell Multi-Region DVD players ourselves, we can recommend a few:
Philips DVP3560 , available for under $40 from Amazon.com . It is PAL/NTSC compatible right out of the box, and could be programmed to be Region-free by executing the following instructions:
1. Turn on the player with no disk in it.
2. Press the "setup" button and select the "Preference" Tab .
3. Press the following buttons on the remote:
1 3 8 9 3 1
4. Press up/down key to select "0".
5. Press "menu" button to exit.
6. Your player is now region free! Put in a DVD and enjoy!

You can find a lot more of similar models by clicking here: Amazon.com Multi Region DVD Players.

You can also find other models at BestBuy, Walmart, etc, by searching for "multi-region dvd player" or "multi format DVD player".

For multi-region Blu-Ray DVD player, there are several Momitsu clones that are sold in different countries under the different brand names. The one sold in USA is Sherwood BDP-5004. While none of the Blu-Ray DVD players at this moment offer the ability to play different zone Blu-Ray DVD players just by putting another DVD in, this is the only one quality affordable Blu-Ray DVD player that allows you to play any Region regular DVD, and as well to play any Zone Blu-Ray DVD by putting a six digit remote control sequence before playing it. You can buy the Sherwood BDP-5004 at Amazon.comAmazon.com for under $160.

To change the code on Sherwood BDP-5004, make sure there is no disc loaded and enter 9735XY on your remote, replacing X with the Region code you want for DVDs (0-6) and Y with the Zone code you want for Blu-Ray Discs (1-3 -note that 1 stands for Zone A, 2 stands for Zone B, 3 stands for Zone C). There is no single Region-Free setting for Blu-Ray Discs, but you can change your player's region coding at any time within seconds.

For example, here are probably the only two codes you will ever need:
973501 -sets the unit to Region Free mode for DVDs and Zone A mode for Blu-Ray DVDs. This should be the factory default setting.
973502 -sets the unit to Region Free mode for DVDs and Zone B mode for Blu-Ray DVDs.

These are probably the only two codes you will ever need to use, but here are a few more settings just for your reference:
973532 -DVD Region 3, BIu-Ray Zone B
973522 -DVD Region 2, BIu-Ray Zone B
973541 -DVD Region 4, BIu-Ray Zone A Etc.

You can read more about Sherwood BDP-5004, Momitsu BDP-899 and others at DVDTalk Forums and elsewhere.

You can buy the Sherwood BDP-5004 at Amazon.comAmazon.com for under $160.


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