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1066: The Battle for Middle Earth (DVD) (*)

Original Title: 1066
Alternate Title: Ten Sixty Six
Language Selections:
English ( Dolby Digital Stereo )
English ( Subtitles )

Product Origin/Format:
United Kingdom ( PAL/Region 2 )

Running Time:
149 min + 30 min extras

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (1.78:1)

Special Features:
Behind the scenes
Interactive Menu
Photo Gallery
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 2009 and produced in:
United Kingdom ( Great Britain, Ireland )

Directed By:
Justin Hardy

Written By:
Peter Harness

Kate Ambler ..... Ealfrith
Katrine Bach ..... Alfeid
Mike Bailey ..... Tofi
Søren Byder ..... Snorri
Anthony Debaeck ..... Ozouf
Peter Guinness ..... De Coutances
Sam Hardy ..... Aelf
Hamish MacLeod ..... Drogo
Brendan McCoy ..... Viking Warrior
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson ..... Gyrd
Tim Plester ..... Leofric
Björn Thors ..... Hakon

The beginning of 1066 takes place in early September 1066, in the Anglo-Saxon village of Crownhurst, located off the southeastern coast of England in the land of Sussex. In a barn, a young man named Tofi (Mike Bailey), is about to be married. The wedding is soon interupped by Ordgar (Francis Magee), an Anglo-Saxon general and warrior. Leofric (Tim Plester), a friend of Tofi and Ordgar, meets him. Ordgar has travelled from Westminster Abbey and has received orders from King Harold II that he is fearing impending attack from William the Conqueror, the cousin of the previous Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Confessor. They have to go fighting the Vikings of Harald Hardrada in the north east of England. After defeating the Vikings at the battle of Stamford Bridge, they are told that the Normans landed in the south, near Hastings. They walk all the way back to fight them. When they arrive in Crowhurst, they see that all women have been taken away by the Normans. They arrive to free some of them but some others were already dead. In the end they go fighting in Hastings and most of them die. Tofi is the only one to survive.

Episode 1 (Saturday 12 June 2010)

Crowhurst newlywed Tofi and his farmer friend Leofric are torn from their Sussex homes by the English warrior Ordgar and summoned to defend the English coast from invasion. But while the army of King Harold waits in the south, fierce Vikings set sail from the fjords of the north. The Vikings land in Cleveland - and annihilate the men of Yorkshire at the Battle of Fulford. Hearing of this surprise invasion, our English fighters are ordered to march 280 miles north to repel the invaders. After an epic trek they meet the Vikings at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. But the Vikings have divided their force - and the English triumph. It's the end of the Viking age, and Ordgar, Tofi and Leofric have survived. But news soon reaches them that the Normans have landed in Sussex. Their own homes are under attack, so they must run all the way south again to save all that they love.

Episode 2 (Saturday 19 June 2010)

Tofi, Leofric and Ordgar are reinforced by the Viking warrior Snorri as they race south to save Crowhurst and defend England from the Norman invasion. We meet the Normans - an alien army of men loyal to the ruthless Duke William. Among them, the ruthless Ozouf struggles to command the loyalty of the aristocratic and gentler Coutances, despite the intimidating presence of the tongueless Drogo. Just outside London, the English fellowship divides. Ordgar and Snorri stay with the dwindling army of King Harold, while Tofi and Leofric set off to rescue the women of Crowhurst. To their horror, they discover that Crowhurst has been destroyed. Stumbling across the captive women and children in the southern forest, they fight off Ozouf and Coutances, rescue Judith and the child Aelf, and take them to safety.

Channel 4 two-part historical drama telling the story of the Norman conquest in 1066 from the perspective of a group of ordinary villagers caught up in the chaos and bloodshed. Written by Peter Harness.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 November, 2009.


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