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1864 - 2-Disc Set (Blu-Ray) (*)

Original Title: 1864 - Liebe und Verrat in Zeiten des Krieges
Alternate Title: Eighteen Sixty Four
Screened, competed or awarded at:
Other Film Festival Awards

Language Selections:
Danish ( DTS 5.1 )
Danish ( DTS-HD Master Audio )
English ( Subtitles )

Product Origin/Format:
United Kingdom ( Blu-Ray/Region B )

Running Time:
460 min

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (2.35:1)

Special Features:
2-DVD Set
Interactive Menu
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 2014 and produced in:
Denmark ( Scandinavia, Iceland )
Germany ( Germany, Central Europe )
Norway ( Scandinavia, Iceland )
Sweden ( Scandinavia, Iceland )

Directed By:
Ole Bornedal

Written By:
Ole Bornedal
Tom Buk-Swienty

Pilou Asbæk ..... Didrich
Sarah-Sofie Boussnina ..... Claudia Henriksen / ... (8 episodes, 2014)
Bent Mejding ..... Severin (8 episodes, 2014)
Marie Tourell Søderberg ..... Inge Juel / ... (8 episodes, 2014)
Jens Sætter-Lassen ..... Peter Jensen
Jakob Oftebro ..... Laust Jensen
Nicolas Bro ..... Ditlev Gothard Monrad
Søren Pilmark ..... Oberst E. A. Lundbye
Eva Josefíková ..... Sofia (7 episodes, 2014)
Esben Dalgaard Andersen ..... Erasmus (7 episodes, 2014)
Søren Malling ..... Johan
Sidse Babett Knudsen ..... Johanne Louise Heiberg
Carl-Christian Riestra ..... Einar (6 episodes, 2014)
Rainer Bock ..... Otto von Bismarck
Heikko Deutschmann ..... Helmuth Johan von Moltke
Peter Plaugborg ..... Sergent Jespersen / ... (6 episodes, 2014)
Johannes Lassen ..... Wilhelm Dinesen
Rasmus Bjerg ..... Oberst Møller
Olaf Johannessen ..... C. C. Hall (5 episodes, 2014)
Barnaby Metschurat ..... Den Røde Prins
Peter Gilsfort ..... Godsforvalter Juel / ... (5 episodes, 2014)
Helle Fagralid ..... Ingrid Juel / ... (5 episodes, 2014)
Ludwig Trepte ..... Heinz
Waage Sandø ..... Baronen
Jens Christian Buskov Lund ..... Alfred
Sarah Boberg ..... Karen / ... (4 episodes, 2014)
Troels Malling Thaarup ..... Ernst Schau / ... (4 episodes, 2014)
Dieter Montag ..... Kejser Wilhelm
Roland Schreglmann ..... Ludwig (4 episodes, 2014)
Claus Bue ..... Doktor Krøldrup
Zlatko Buric ..... Ignazio
Jordan Haj ..... Djargo (4 episodes, 2014)
Louise Mieritz ..... Emilie Lütthans / ... (4 episodes, 2014)
Anders Heinrichsen ..... Juul Jr.
Christian Løhde Otzen ..... Soldat, Gæst (4 episodes, 2014)

Two brothers; Laust and Peter grow up under poor but happy in the Danish countryside. Both boys fall in love with the adorable Inge, a local Proprietor s daughter, who in turns loves Peter for his sensitivity and intellect, and Laust for his strength and drive. Following victories in the First Schleswig-Holstein War of 1848-50, where Denmark defeated a rebel army that fought for independence , Danish political forces are scheming to annex Schleswig into the Danish Kingdom in utter disregard of a treaty signed with the major powers of Europe, sparking a Second Schleswig-Holstein War. This time, however, Denmark is not facing a small rebel army but two major German powers: Prussia and Austria. Peter and Laust, whose own father died from wounds caused by a German bullet in 1850, quickly volunteer for the army. 150 years later the unapproachable and maladjusted Claudia inhabits the same area. On the verge of a breakdown, she s forced to accept a job as an aide for the 100-year-old Baron at the manor. Here Claudia discovers Inge s forgotten diary, a tale of thousands of young men that sacrificed their lives in a pointless war. 1864 is the story of Denmark erupting into war a war that would become one of the bloodiest in Danish history.

The Danes are thrilled after the victory in the 1st Schleswig War. Danish politicians now dream of incorporate Schleswig to the Kingdom of Denmark, in defiance of the peace agreement. In a small community, the brothers Peter (Jens Sætter-Lassen) and Laust (Jakob Oftebro) grow up, and both fall in love with Inge (Marie Tourell Søderberg). When the Danish President of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Monrad (Nicolas Bro), claims that Schleswig must be incorporated to the Kingdom, everyone is aware that it is the start of 2nd Schleswig War. But only this time, the Danish troops are met by Otto von Bismarck's (Rainer Bock) Prussian and Austrian army. An army much bigger and stronger than the Danish. 150 years later the maladjusted teenage girl, Claudia (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina) is on the edge of a meltdown and is forced to be visit friend to the old Baron, Severin (Bent Mejding). Inges old dairy catches Claudias interest, and through Inges writings, Claudia experience thousands of young Danes, sacrificing their lives in the Battle at Dybboel, 1864, for a meaningless and incomprehensible war. This is the story of one of the greatest defeats of Danish history in the middle of a period of blooming patriotism. 1864 is the story about innocence and love, ignorance and rashness.

When Prussia and Austria declare war on Denmark, two brothers are called to serve in the bloodiest battle in Denmark's history. The story of thousands of young Danish soldiers thrown to the lions when the Prussian army decimated the Danish troops at the Battle of Dybbøl in 1864.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 14 April, 2016.


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