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10 Erotic Films Volume 1 (DVD) (*)
Out of Stock

Original Title: A Passion for Murder / Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed / Bikini Ski School / Chained Heat 2001: Slave Lovers / Las Vegas Warrior / Every Woman Has a Secret / Julia / Kiss Me If You Dare / Virtual Girl / Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas
Alternate Title: Deadlock: A Passion for Murder / A Sensuous Summer / Rage of the Innocents / Mu Sa Do / Passion Crimes / Julia: Innocence Once Removed / Demon's Kiss / Virtual Girl / Virtual Vegas
Language Selections:
English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )

Product Origin/Format:
United Kingdom ( PAL/Region 0 )

Running Time:
825 min

Aspect Ratio:

Special Features:
Box Set
Interactive Menu
Multi-DVD Set
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 1974 - 2009 and produced in:
Canada ( USA, Canada )
Germany ( Germany, Central Europe )
United States ( USA, Canada )

Directed By:
Richard W. Munchkin
Raymond Martino
Anna Nicole Smith
Boots Rakely
Lloyd A. Simandl
Nastasha Baron
Rachel Gordon
Sigi Rothemund
Brad Sykes
Richard Gabai

Written By:
Steve Tymon
Raymond Martino
Anna Nicole Smith
Boots Rakely
Chris Hyde
Tom Hanley
Janine Gosselin
Wolfgang Bauer
Brad Sykes
Richard Gabai
L.A. Maddox
Patrick Phillips

Doug Jeffery ..... Nick
Shauna O'Brien ..... Kirsty
Bobby Johnston ..... Evan
De'Ann Power ..... Lisa
David Elliott ..... Paul
William Knight ..... Beckman
Ashlie Rhey ..... Debbie
Doria Rone ..... Allison
Charla Driver ..... Jennifer
Kevin Knotts ..... Franco
Maeve Malone ..... Cop #1
Bob LaVetta ..... Weller
Jim Adelstein ..... Collins
Skip Cook ..... Strothers
Tania Mejia ..... Annette
Anna Nicole Smith ..... Herself
Morgan Daniel ..... The Chauffeur
Ahmo Hight ..... The Maid
Jason Schnuit ..... The Chef
Chris Gann ..... Baron (as Christian Gann)
Tom Case ..... Bobby
A.G. Roberto ..... Alex
Dash Tombrowski ..... Nick
Christina Campbell ..... Cindy
Thom Challice ..... Jinx
Brittany McCrena ..... Jill (as Brittany McCrea)
Gina Jourard ..... Tracy
Billy Graf ..... Mayor
Matt Thompson ..... Old Guy #1
Jeff Thompson ..... Old Guy #2
Justine Priestley ..... Tara
Todd Farr ..... Peter
Kira Reed ..... Erica
Eva Aichmajerová ..... Anna
Howie Lotker ..... Shane
David O'Kelly ..... Yudo
John Comer ..... Elron
Jan Pavel Filipensky ..... Smea (as Jan P. Filipensky)
Wolgang Schiemichen ..... Jiggs
Laurie Hanley ..... Chase Somete
Suk Woo Nam ..... Suk
Earl Wadden ..... Jimmy Olsen
Jason Simpson ..... Andre
Nic Amoroso ..... Gill
Ryf Van Rij ..... Davis Dickson
Paul Bay ..... Hoy's nephew
Peter Benson ..... Peter Bittenov
Alexia Bosa ..... Gill's Daughter
Janessa Bosa ..... Gill's Daughter
Chul Ho Chang ..... Hoy
Raymond Chan ..... Brian
Dave Copeman ..... Danny
Lawrence Dewey ..... Snoz's driver
Sonja Dodasovich ..... Girl in pool
Kirk Gamley ..... Bartender
Kevin Guenette ..... Kevin
Scott Holtby ..... Young Hemmel
Jerry Huang ..... Hoy's Driver
Lindsay Jameson ..... Jane
Dan Kelly ..... John Crawford
Joe Lee ..... Suk's father
Terrence Lee ..... Young Suk
Arjunna Miyagawa ..... Fight Runner
Jeff Moneo ..... Seedy Bartender
Ambrose Aibi Okundaye ..... Taxi Driver
Tim Reid ..... Doorman 2
Dan Rheaume ..... Lancelot Concierge
Mike Scott ..... Mathius Hemmel
Brian Sykes ..... Doorman 1
Mike Terezakis ..... Snoz
Mark Tisdale ..... Donny
Clara Morgan Wilson ..... Waitress in punk bar
Alexi Zarjampour ..... Alexi
Susan Featherly ..... Heather (as Jen Dike)
John Busse ..... Harry
Larry Poston Jr. ..... Jack
GiGi Erneta ..... Detective Miceli
Lauren Montgomery ..... Rosa
Jay Richardson ..... Thornton
Kimber Eastwood ..... Lorisa
Venus ..... Lacey
Nikki Giovacchini ..... Baldwin
April Flowers ..... Raquel (as Diana Espen)
James Tuttle ..... Westmore
Ellis Perry ..... Phil
Andrew Lima ..... Totman
Jean-Claude Bouillon ..... Ralph (as Jean-Claude Bouillion)
Sylvia Kristel ..... Andrea
Teri Tordai ..... Yvonne
Gisela Hahn ..... Myriam
Peter Berling ..... Uncle Alex
Rose Renée Roth ..... Mimi
Dominique Delpierre ..... Silvana
Christine Glasner ..... Hildegard
Michael Tietz ..... Train Conductor
Manfred Spies ..... Man on train
Alois Mittermaier ..... Gerald
Ekkehardt Belle ..... Pauli
Madeleine Lindley ..... Teresa Burns
Jeff Marchelletta ..... Paul Hanley
John David Shepherd ..... Nick
Emmy Smith ..... Ruby
Garrett Clancy ..... Detective Hammer
Beverly Lynne ..... Michelle Long
Pedro Pano ..... Carlos the Taxi Driver
Richard Azurdia ..... Zayas the Guide
David Alan Graf ..... Coronor
Joe Haggerty ..... Doctor
Mark Overholt ..... Mugger
Melissa Nickert ..... Witness
Robert Kaslawa ..... Cop
Robert William Johnson ..... Reporter
Tanya Dempsey ..... Photo Model
Charlie Curtis ..... Virtuality
Max Dixon ..... John Lewis
Miche Straube ..... Karen Lewis (as Miche Rene Straube)
Richard Gabai ..... Fred Renfield
Warren Draper ..... Charlie Simms
Cynthia Callendar ..... Kim Gordon
Scott Larson ..... Raynes
Jeff Bowser ..... Maintenance Man
Kevin Isaacs ..... Ralph Quigley
Robert Dorfmann ..... Bill Kaplan
C. Paul Demsey ..... Officer Hayes
Johnathan Gorman ..... Neal Valor
Eniko Galfi ..... Brigitte
Kalani Freeman ..... Misha
Paxton Fuller ..... Sammy Lewis
Susan Featherly ..... Sharon
Amber Newman ..... Molly
Jason Schnuit ..... Kevin Pallone
Brad Bartram ..... Louis Burke
Shyra Deland ..... Leah
Arthur Roberts ..... White
A. Michael Baldwin ..... Dr. Pierson
Richard Gabai ..... Pickford
Marc Gordon ..... Attorney
Kristen Andreotti ..... Ambassador (as Kirstin Andreotti)
T.J. Hart ..... School Teacher (as Amy Damkroger)
Karl Boule ..... Space Cowboy
Amy Daukroger ..... School Teacher
Charles Guardino ..... George Nappa
Katherine 'Kat' Hare ..... Valery

"A Passion for Murder

In this erotic thirller, a detective looks into the murder of a pornography magnate.

Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed

Enter the secret and intimate world of Anna Nicole Smith...where inner emotions are revealed and fantasies come true.

Bikini Ski School

In this drama, Bobby finally returns to his hometown after a three year absence and learns that the family business is about to fold because the corrupt town banker is trying to foreclose. But while that is definitely a priority, Bobby is most concerned with renewing his passionate relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Together they devise a plan to stop the avaricious financier.

Chained Heat 2001: Slave Lovers

In the future, a young warrior must band together with a small group of rebels and wage a guerilla war.

Las Vegas Warrior

A journalist uncovers a world of underground fighting in Las Vegas. When one of the fighters is killed she becomes determined to reveal all.

Every Woman Has a Secret

After a beautiful heiress is kidnapped, all clues lead to her oversexed husband.


A young girl introduces a teenage boy to the delights of sex. She watches her prodigy's sensual success as he goes on to seduce a beautiful girl in the corridors of an express train.

Kiss Me If You Dare

While on a research exploration trip into the jungles of South America, the gorgeous Teresa Burns in bitten by a strange creature. Upon returning home, Teresa starts to change; she becomes more aggressive, with heightened senses and an uncontrollable passion. The mysterious bite has inflicted her with the desire for blood.

Virtual Girl

While working on a sexually-themed virtual reality project, computer programmer John Lewis (Dixon) is shocked when the female character in the project comes on to him for real. When he spurns her advances, however, things turn unfortunately violent for him.

Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas

Louis Burke is a software designer who, along with his beautiful assistant Sharon Tessier, has created a new virtual programme. Sharon takes the programme to Las Vegas to entertain, perform and make millions... "

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 May, 2008.


(*) Ours is the outlet store - the items shipped to you may not be brand new, and most likely will have small imperfections, such as unsealed box, cracked corner of the amaray case, various non-removable stickers/labels from our suppliers, scratched case, etc.. The DVDs themselves are brand new, un-damaged and are guaranteed to play on multi-Region DVD players. For our brand new, pristine condition DVDs please shop our Amazon.com store: http://www.amazon.com/shops/DaaVeeDee

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