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A Serbian Film (2010) (DVD) (*)

Original Title: Srpski film
Language Selections:
English ( Subtitles )
Serbian ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )

Product Origin/Format:
United Kingdom ( PAL/Region 0 )

Running Time:
95 min

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (2.35:1)

Special Features:
Alternative Footage
Interactive Menu
Making Of
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 2010 and produced in:
Serbia and Montenegro ( Russia, Eastern Europe )

Directed By:
Srdjan Spasojevic

Written By:
Aleksandar Radivojevic
Srdjan Spasojevic

Srdjan Todorovic ..... Milos
Sergej Trifunovic ..... Vukmir
Jelena Gavrilovic ..... Marija
Katarina Zutic ..... Lejla
Slobodan Bestic ..... Marko
Ana Sakic ..... Jecina majka
Lena Bogdanovic ..... Doktorka
Luka Mijatovic ..... Stefan
Andjela Nenadovic ..... Jeca
Nenad Herakovic ..... Cuvar 1
Carni Djeric ..... Cuvar 2
Miodrag Krcmarik ..... Rasa
Lidija Pletl ..... Jecina baka
Tanja Divnic ..... Vaspitacica
Marina Savic ..... Prostitutka

Milos (Srdjan Todorovic) is a retired adult film star leading a normal family life with his wife Maria (Jelena Gavrilovic) and six-year old son Petar in tumultuous Serbia, trying to make ends meet. Aware of his problems, Layla (Katarina Zutic), a former co-star, introduces Milos to Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic), a mysterious, menacing and politically powerful figure in the adult film business who wants Milos to star in his latest project and is willing to pay him a fee that will provide financial support to Milos and his family for the rest of their lives. The only condition is that Milos signs a contract insisting on his absolute unawareness of the scripted scenes they are about to shoot. Encouraged by his wife to accept the job, Milos turns up for the first day of shooting and is immediately drawn into a maelstrom of unbelievable cruelty and mayhem devised by his employer, the 'director' of his destiny. It soon becomes apparent that Vukmir and his crew will stop at nothing to complete his insane vision. The only way for Milos to escape the living cinematic hell he's entered and to save his family life is to sacrifice everything to Vukmir's art - his pride, his morality, his sanity, and maybe even his own life.

Filmmaker Srdjan Spasojevic pushes the boundaries of what can (or should) be shown on screen in this violent and malignly erotic thriller. Milos (Srdjan Todorovic) was once a star in pornographic movies, well known for his ability to perform longer than any of his peers, but he gave up his career and now lives a quiet life with his wife and young son. Milos has been having serious money problems and wants to better provide for his family, so when an old friend tells him about a wealthy filmmaker who'd like to work with him, he's willing to listen. Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic) is a mysterious man who offers to pay Milos a huge sum to appear in his next film - enough to support his family for life. Milos agrees, even though Vukmir won't tell him what the movie is about. Not long after Milos arrives on set, he realizes this will not be an ordinary porn film, and as he's dosed with drugs and led from one extreme of sex, violence and human debasement to another, Milos becomes aware that his physical and emotional survival is being put to the ultimate test.

In tumultuous Serbia, Milosh, a retired porn star, struggles to make ends meet for his wife Maria and six-year old son Petar. A sudden call from his former colleague Layla changes everything. She introduces Milosh to mysterious and menacing Vukmir who is a politically powerful figure in the pornographic business. A leading role in Vukmir's new production will provide financial support to Milosh and his family for the rest of their lives. From then on, Milosh is swallowed up by the unbelievable cruelty and mayhem devised by his employer. In order to escape his workplace hell and save his family's life, Milosh will have to sacrifice everything: his pride, his morality, his sanity, and maybe even his own life.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 February, 2011.


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