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A Pool Without Water (DVD) (*)

Original Title: Mizu no nai puuru
Screened, competed or awarded at:
Other Film Festival Awards

Language Selections:
English ( Subtitles )
French ( Subtitles )
Japanese ( Dolby Digital Stereo )

Product Origin/Format:
France ( PAL/Region 2 )

Running Time:
104 min

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (1.85:1)

Special Features:
Interactive Menu
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 1982 and produced in:
Japan ( India, Eastern Asia )

Directed By:
Kôji Wakamatsu

Written By:
Eiichi Uchida

Yûya Uchida ..... Man
Mie ..... Jun
Reiko Nakamura ..... Nerika
Yumiko Fujita ..... Sumie
Fujio Akatsuka ..... Owner
Yoshio Harada ..... Woman in the shade of a tree
Megumi Saki ..... Yakuza
Kenji Sawada ..... Camera shop owner
Tamori ..... Detective
Fujio Tokita ..... Phamacist
Taiji Tonoyama ..... Yakuza's follower
Rikiya Yasuoka

A married man who has been driven to the edge by a boring job, a talkative wife, unbearable children, and their cramped living quarters, becomes inspired when he envisions a way to end this oppressiveness yet still keep all the amenities that come with a family and home. He gets some chloroform and a gas mask, gains illegal entry into the quarters of an attractive waitress he likes, puts on his gas mask, sprays chloroform around her room as she sleeps, and when she is thoroughly knocked out, he has sex with her. Although he carries out these nightly activities with other women as well, he keeps on coming back to the waitress, and in order to offer something in return, he sometimes washes her clothes or fixes her food before she wakes up. One time, however, he recklessly removes his mask and ends up unconscious until morning when he is found out. This is something he had not counted on, and he immediately thinks of the repercussions as he can find no way to get out of his predicament. Reiko Nakamura as the waitress, was awarded the 1982 Pink Ribbon prize for "Best Actress" in a softcore movie - quite a feat considering she was inert for much of her role.

Yuya Uchida plays an anonymous, lowly ticket-puncher on the Tokyo underground who keeps himself to himself, trudging from home to work and back again while barely paying the world any mind. Yet one night he saves a woman from being gang-raped, fighting off two attackers, and escorting her home. She's clearly ever so grateful, yet something stops him from responding in kind. Nursing his wounds in a public fountain later that night, he meets the woman's roommate (unaware the two are connected) who's so impressed by the stranger's rugged, wordless masculinity she offers herself up to him almost there and then - yet our man still knows whatever he wants, it isn't this. He wants to be able to offer women tenderness and consideration, yet he can't actually deal with them, you know, talking and stuff - all those inconvenient social pleasantries that get in the way of what he needs. So inspired by his son's insect collection, the man realises things would be perfect if he could have a partner who was dead to the world. Procuring himself a large amount of chloroform in the guise of a professor who needs the chemical for research purposes, he shadows a waitress from a nearby cocktail bar who's caught his eye. Once he's worked out when and where she goes to bed, one quick syringe misted around the room and presto, he's free to be the paragon of virility he dreams of being - and after the whole routine has worked the once, what could possibly ever go wrong?

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 January, 2012.


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