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Different Cinema: Volume 2 (DVD) (*)

Original Title: K (Désert) / Da qui, sopra il mare / Lily in the glass / Deperdition Lointaine / Artemis / Flamen'co / Perhaps/we / F.I.R.T. 119
Alternate Title: Different Cinema: Volume Two
Language Selections:
English ( Dolby Digital Stereo )
English ( Subtitles )
French ( Subtitles )
German ( Subtitles )
Spanish ( Subtitles )

Product Origin/Format:
France ( PAL/NTSC/Region 0 )

Running Time:
90 min

Aspect Ratio:

Special Features:
Interactive Menu
Scene Access
Black & White

Movie filmed in 1999 - 2004 and produced in:
Argentina ( Latin America, Mexico )
Canada ( USA, Canada )
France ( France, Benelux )
Italy ( Italy, Greece )
Japan ( India, Eastern Asia )

Directed By:
Frédérique Devaux
Mauro Santini

Written By:
Shiho Kano
Dominik Lange

Valérie Morignat
Olivier Fouchard
Solomon Nagler
Rubén Guzmán

***ATTENTION***Films contain original language audio or silent with English, French, Spanish & German subtitles***The Different Cinema Vol. 2 DVD assembles eight films and videos by artists presented during the 6th Different Cinema Festival of Paris. This extraordinary compilation is a mix of digital video and celluloid film that tackles the subjects of femininity, investigation, and the search for identity. These films are created by artists whose inspiration stems from the tradition of cinema as well as cutting-edge contemporary art.
List of Films:
K (Désert) - Frédérique Devaux (France), 2004.
Da qui, sopra il mare - Mauro Santini (Italy), 2003.
Lily in the glass - Shiho Kano (Japan), 2003.
Déperdition Lointaine - Dominik Lange (France), 1999-2004.
Artemis - Valérie Morignat (France), 2001
Flamen'co - Olivier Fouchard (France), 2002-2003.
Perhaps/We - Solomon Nagler (Canada), 2004.
F.I.R.T. 119 - Rubén Guzmán (Argentina-Canada), 2002.

K (Désert)
K (Désert) - Frédérique Devaux (France), 2004.
4 min., Super 8 & 16mm., colour, sound.
Frédérique Devaux (Paris, 1956) is a professor of art and cinema at the University of Paris. She has written numerous essays on film, specially on lettrism. She has made about forty films, including several documentaries on experimental filmmakers. In K (Désert), Devaux uses films shot in Super 8 about the region of Kabylie, in north Algeria, as the material for this work. Shooting these films in 16mm, working with the film material itself, in a process of deconstruction and restructuring: cutting, scratching, filming the sound and the sprocket bands of the film, through which we're able to see the images of a foreign land and its people. Along with the use of freeze framing, and different speeds, Devaux manages to create a very rythmic and beautiful film. K (Désert) is the fourth film in a series composed by K (Il est une fois) (2001), K (Les Luttes amazigh) (2002), K (Les femmes) (2003) and K (Rêves/Berbères) (2006).

Da qui, sopra il mare
Da qui, sopra il mare - Mauro Santini (Italy), 2003.
10 min., Beta SP, colour, sound.
Mauro Santini (Fano, 1965) has worked in graphic arts and photography and been making videos for more than a decade. Da qui, sopra il mare is a nostalgic film, that tries to recollect lost memories and sensations through passing figures and faces, empty rooms and windows, always shown through blurry images, as if to reflect the imperfections of memory. The film relies heavily on its soundtrack to achieve its effect.

Lily in the glass
Lily in the glass - Shiho Kano (Japan), 2003.
6 min., 16mm., colour, silent.
Shiho Kano (Tokyo, 1975) is a young artist but with an impressive career. She has made numerous films, videos and art installations and won several prizes at international festivals. Lily in the glass is constructed with the minimum elements: a lily flower in a glass on a wooden table. A solitary figure, of which we only get to see her arm, drops and later takes a letter from the table. Kano works with absence instead of presence to build a powerful composition, suggesting a story of which we have but a few details. The mastery of cinematography and lighting of Kano in this short is unparalelled among its partners.

Deperdition Lointaine
Déperdition Lointaine - Dominik Lange (France), 1999-2004.
11 min., 16mm., colour, sound.
Dominik Lange (1972) has already made over fifty films in a brief span of time. He's currently working on montage and development effects at an alternative laboratory and the creation of concrete music soundtracks for his films. Déperdition Lointaine is a frantic travel through the country centered on the remains of human presence: abandoned houses, an old car on the side of the road, an ancient church and its stained glass windows.

Artemis - Valérie Morignat (France), 2001
13 min., DV, colour, sound.
Valérie Morignat (New Caledonia, 1974), doctor in Arts, is currently a researcher in digital arts at the CNRS. She is also the artistic director of the actazé association, devoted to "social, scientific, and cultural development", developing "an international network of researchers who work against discrimination, segregation and inequality in the domain of contemporary creation and culture." Artemis, goddess of hunt and childbirth, but at the same time, a harsh defender of her own purity, who punishes the men that try to violate it, as well as her own companions who lose their virginity. Artemis centers on the female figure, calid and calm, but that contains another self, blood red, that moves violently as if struggling from within. Both images contrast with a white surface of water in movement; water, usually an organic and female element, but that in this case acquires an artificial and cold quality.

Flamen'co - Olivier Fouchard (France), 2002-2003.
7 min., 16mm., B&W, silent.
Olivier Fouchard (Troyes, 1969) is an experienced maker of films and concrete music videos. He frequently collaborates with Mahine Rouhi. Flamen'co is a film of contrasts, a succession of still shots, of light and darkness, of open and closed spaces, of isolated figures searching and then meeting, dancing, but then never stopping to be alone. Strangely enough, the short's name is incorrectly spelled in both the DVD's cover and booklet, in different ways.

Perhaps/We - Solomon Nagler (Canada), 2004.
11 min., 16mm., colour, sound.
Solomon Nagler is canadian filmmaker, member of the Winnipeg Film Group. His work deals mainly with the representation of self an his jewish roots. in Perhaps/we, we see, through the dreams of a painter, 'in the fallen city of Lodz', a remembrance of the jewish holocaust in Poland: a grey city, empty apartments, a cemetery, jewish scriptures, a hand painting the aleph letter, the first letter of the jewish alphabet (a new beggining?). Nagler works with his own film material, painting on it as if to reflect the influence of the painter on his dream.

F.I.R.T. 119
F.I.R.T. 119 - Rubén Guzmán (Argentina-Canada), 2002.
10 min., Super 8, B&W, sound.
Rubén Guzmán (Buenos, Aires, 1959) is an experienced filmmaker and curator. Besides making his own films and videos, he has also worked for other filmmakers as Maddin and Sharf. F.I.R.T. 119 is a double homage: to the industrial railways in southern Argentina (the title refers to the train number 119 from Ferrocarriles Industriales Río Turbio or Río Turbio Industrial Railways) and its workers, and to Dziga Vertov's cinema, through its cuts and montage and its use of light and motion. Specially worthy of notice is Adriana de los Santos' piano soundtrack.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 January, 2012.


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