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Amos Gitai 4-DVD Collection 1 (DVD) (*)
Out of Stock

Original Title: Zihron Devarim / Yom Yom / Kadosh / Milim
Alternate Title: Things / Day After Day / Sacred / Words
Screened, competed or awarded at:
British Independent Film Awards
Cannes Film Festival
Montreal World Film Festival
Other Film Festival Awards

Language Selections:
English ( Subtitles )
Hebrew ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )
Italian ( Subtitles )

Product Origin/Format:
Italy ( PAL/Region 2 )

Running Time:
412 min

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (1.85:1)

Special Features:
Box Set
Interactive Menu
Making Of
Multi-DVD Set
Photo Gallery

Movie filmed in 1995-1999 and produced in:
France ( France, Benelux )
Israel ( Africa, Middle East )
Italy ( Italy, Greece )

Directed By:
Amos Gitai

Written By:
Gilad Evron
Madi Levy
Amos Gitai
Jacky Cukier
Eliette Abecassis

Gabi Beniashvilly ..... Young man in the bar
Samuel Calderon ..... Besh
Helena Cherkasov ..... Bride
David Cohen ..... Zvi
Yuval Cohen ..... Young man in the bar
David Da'or ..... Vocal
Assi Dayan ..... Caesar
Debesa'ar ..... Girl in the bar
Family Gershovitch ..... Old couple in the bar
Riki Gal ..... Ruchama
Amos Gitai ..... Goldman
Menahem Golan ..... Nelo
Veronica Gottlieb ..... Paula
Shosh Grinberg ..... Girll in the bar
Sharon Hacohen ..... Tirza
Dan Harden ..... Max
Yuval Havkin ..... Shaul
Maya Kadishman ..... Dita
Leah Koenig ..... Stephana (as Lea Koenig)
Itzhak Levy ..... Oldman in the bar
Arik Livnat ..... Saxophon player
Isac Lubelsky ..... Piano
Eitan Priver ..... Joel
Azaria Rapaport ..... Erwin
Haim Rinstay ..... Taxi driver
Hana River ..... Zipporah
Naday Rubinstein ..... Piano player
Amos Shoov ..... Israel
Galia Spring ..... Elah
Zvi Stolper ..... Manfred
Natalia Vitelvitch ..... Zina
Devora Vizen ..... Judith mutzler
Shmuel Wolf ..... Guard
Irit Yeyni ..... Girl in the bar
Moshe Ivgy ..... Moshe
Hanna Meron ..... Hanna
Juliano Mer ..... Jules
Dalit Kahan ..... Didi
Yussuf Abu-Warda ..... Yussuf
Natali Atiya ..... Grisha
Anne Petit-Lagrange ..... The Doctor
Samuel Calderon ..... Shmul
Gassan Abbas ..... Nadim
Keren Mor ..... Mimi
Irit Gidron ..... Bank Teller
David Cohen ..... David
Aharon Milard ..... Man in Market
Yehuda Tzanaani ..... Cantor
Yaël Abecassis ..... Rivka
Yoram Hattab ..... Meïr
Meital Barda ..... Malka
Uri Klauzner ..... Yossef (as Uri Ran-Klausner)
Yussuf Abu-Warda ..... Rav Shimon
Leah Koenig ..... Elisheva (as Lea Koenig)
Sami Huri ..... Yaakov
Rivka Michaeli ..... Gynaecologist
Samuel Calderon ..... Uncle Shmouel
Noa Dori ..... Noa
Ronit Elkabetz ..... Flavius (narrator)
Samuel Fuller ..... Memory Holder
Efratia Gitai ..... Nightingale
Masha Itkina ..... Emperor Titus
Jerome Koenig ..... Defender of Masada
Enrico Lo Verso ..... The cantor
Ilan Moscovitch ..... Spirit of Exile
Shuli Rand
Hanna Schygulla

Zihron Devarim ( Things ):

This Israeli drama is based on Yaakov Shabtai's novel Past Continuous and tells the story of three men living in Tel Aviv. Caesar loves his wife and son; he is devastated that they have separated. Now he leads a miserable life in a run-down apartment shared with the sluggardly Israel, a dead-beat musician. Together the two set off to attend the funeral of their friend Goldman's father. Unfortunately, they cannot find the right cemetery. Later the story shifts to their complex love lives.

Yom Yom ( Day After Day):

Amos Gitai directed this Israeli-French family comedy-drama, the second film in a trilogy about contemporary Israeli cities. A Jewish woman, Hanna (Hanna Maron), runs a bakery with her Arab husband Yussef (Yussef Abu Warda), while their son Moshe (Moshe Ivgi) has problems with his wife Didi (Dalit Kahan). With a proposed retail mall in the future, Yussef feels there are inherent political implications if he were to sell the bakery to the Israeli developer. Shown at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Kadosh ( Sacred ):

A dark drama of women living in a society where they are second-class citizens, Kadosh/Sacred begins with Meir, an Orthodox Jew living in the Mea Shearim district of Jerusalem, greeting the day with his morning prayers, which includes the phrase, 'Thank you, oh Lord, for not having made me a woman.' Meir begins to understand just how poorly regarded women can be in the Orthodox faith when his rabbi suggests he should leave his wife. Meir and Rivka (Yael Abecassis) have been married for ten years and have a solid relationship based on affection and mutual respect. However, they have been unable to have children, and as Meir is reminded, the Talmud says a woman without children may as well be dead. Consequently, the rabbi advises Meir to divorce Rivka and take up with a younger woman who can give him a family. Meanwhile, Rivka's younger sister, Malka (Meital Barda), is soon to wed Yossef (Uri Ran Klauzner) in a match arranged by their parents, even though Malka loves another man, Yaakov (Sami Hori), who has dared to question the teachings of the Orthodox faith. Yossef soon proves to be blind to Malka's emotional and physical needs, and she begins to wonder how long she can continue to live within this circle, even though it is the only world she knows. Destined to be controversial in its native Israel, Kadosh/Sacred was shown in competition at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival.

Milim ( Words ):

Haunting and deeply personal, this stylized film reflects director Amos Gitai's feelings and response to the 1995 assassination of Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin. Essentially a series of images shot from a moving vehicle in key Israeli and Polish cities, with a focus on the death place of Prime Minister Rabin, the film is narrated by several notable personalities reading passages from the writings of Josephus Flavius, a Jewish commander who lead the Israeli Jews in a desperate bid to keep the Romans out of their holy land in 73 A.D. The Hebrews lost and Josephus was allowed to live, provided he write a history of the devastating battle from the Roman viewpoint. Interspersed amongst the readings and the moving scenes are a few exquisitely sad songs.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 20 April, 2007.


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