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Blue Heelers - Season Twelve - 8-DVD Box Set (DVD) (*)
Out of Stock

Original Title: Blue Heelers - Entire Season 12
Alternate Title: Boys in Blue
Screened, competed or awarded at:
Australian Film Institute
Other Film Festival Awards

Language Selections:
English ( Dolby Digital Stereo )

Product Origin/Format:
Australia ( PAL/Region 4 )

Running Time:
1304 min

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (1.85:1)

Special Features:
Box Set
Interactive Menu
Multi-DVD Set
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 1994 and produced in:
Australia ( Australia, New Zealand )

Directed By:
Chris Langman
Elizabeth Coleman

Written By:
Hal McElroy
Tony Morphett

Danny Raco ..... Joss Peroni
Samantha Tolj ..... Kelly O'Rourke
Rachel Gordon ..... Amy Fox
Geoff Morrell ..... Mark Jacobs
Simone McAullay ..... Senior Constable Susie Raynor
Ditch Davey ..... Const. Evan 'Jonesy' Jones
Julie Nihill ..... Christine 'Chris' Reilly
Martin Sacks ..... Sr. Det. Patrick Joseph 'P.J.' Hasham
John Wood ..... Sr. Sgt. Tom Croydon
Melissa Andersen ..... Tarni Baxter (as Melissa Anderson)
Luke Baines ..... Michael
Winston Brearley ..... Matt Baxter
T'mara Buckmaster ..... Helen Morris
Sarah Chadwick ..... Acting Sgt Lindy Schroeder
Tyler Coppin ..... Julian Whitelaw
Simon Corkeron ..... Counsel
John Flaus ..... Percy O'Grady
Katherine Fyffe ..... Video Shop Girl
Susan Godfrey ..... Greta Conroy
Scott Harrison ..... Lenny Dysart
Peter Knowles ..... Frank Morris
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor ..... Ryan Dekker
William McInnes ..... Det. Sgt. Nicholas 'Nick' Schultz
Paul Moder ..... Mac Greer
Lise Rodgers ..... Coroner

The most popular local production on Australian television, Blue Heelers is a weekly police drama based on a fictional bush town called Mount Thomas. Every week there is a different case for Sergeant Tom Croydon, Senior Constable Nick Schultz, Senior Detective PJ Hasham, and Constables Maggie Doyle, Dash McKinley and Adam Cooper to solve. Continuing storylines about the personal lives and relationships of these characters filter into each episode.

Season 12
Season 12, Episode 1: Vengeance
Original Air Date-2 February 2005
Mark Jacobs takes control of the station after Tom Croydon is suspended from duty pending a coroners inquest into the death of Tarni Baxter - a murder he's suspected of committing. Meanwhile, Nick Schultz arrives back in Mount Thomas to help PJ with the murder investigation but it is Kelly who truly believes in Tom's innocence.
Season 12, Episode 2: Burden of Proof
Original Air Date-9 February 2005
Tom is now the prime suspect for the murder of Ryan. Tom, PJ and Nick Schulz believe Helen Morris, the key witness, is lying and set out to uncover her motives for doing so. They discover that Ryan was the father of her expectant baby and Tarni found out about it. Lenny Dysart eventually admits to the Heelers that it was Tarni that killed Ryan and her idea to frame Tom Croydon. Kelly is then kidnapped by Tarni knowing that Tom will come to her rescue. Tom does and is more than a match for Tarni which leads to her arrest. Elsewhere, Amy, Danny and P.J. have to deal with a 14-year-old confession from a failed armed robber who just keeps going off subject.
Season 12, Episode 3: My Way
Original Air Date-16 February 2005
Tom finally returns to the station and takes immediate charge but this causes much discomfort with the rest of the Heelers.
Season 12, Episode 4: The Walking Wounded
Original Air Date-23 February 2005
The Heelers are called to a house where a baby appears to have died from SIDS. It is not the first baby this couple have lost, and another is due soon. Amy is suspicious.
Season 12, Episode 5: Chasing Smoke
Original Air Date-2 March 2005
PJ and Amy are called to the O'Keefe home after a home invasion.
Season 12, Episode 6: Everything a Girl Could Want
Original Air Date-9 March 2005
Joss's brother arrives in town to help train the Blue Light soccer team, and takes a shine to Kelly - much to Joss's dismay.
Season 12, Episode 7: One Good Turn
Original Air Date-16 March 2005
Alex, Amy and Susie suspect that Meagan Dwyer a history teacher, who has just given birth to a coloured baby is sleeping with her 14-year-old student Luke Parnell after her irate husband Craig disowns the baby. Meanwhile, Kelly and Joss bring back a Russian drunk to a home of a Russian woman against her wishes - a move they live to regret when they find out the woman didn't know the man. Elsewhere, Alex and Susie sleep together but Alex backs off from her the next day.
Season 12, Episode 8: Sex Sells
Original Air Date-30 March 2005
Dean Tufnell, a known teen sex offender, escapes on day-release from prison and Jonesy has to help a family track down their missing five-year-old daughter to ensure her safety.
Season 12, Episode 9: One Sick Puppy
Original Air Date-13 April 2005
Whilst investigating the brutal murder of a young woman PJ, Amy and Garth learn that a second body has been discovered, killed in a similar style. Is a serial killer is at work in Mt Thomas? Meanwhile, Susie gets her promotion to Senior Constable but Jonesy doesn't get his and is somewhat annoyed and ends up blaming Tom from withholding his promotion - but does Alex know more that he is letting on!
Season 12, Episode 10: Killing Time
Original Air Date-13 April 2005
The team, with the aid of Garth Henderson, redouble their efforts to find the Mount Thomas serial killer and find a link between two of the victims and a clinic ran by psychologist Bill Lapscott for sexual abuse victims. Amy enters the clinic as a victim to infiltrate the group and grows closer to Bill who Garth suspects is the killer. But is it someone else they have not considered? Elsewhere, Kelly and Joss look into a suspicious robbery and begin to suspect the daughter - Jorja Murphy - was behind it.
Season 12, Episode 11: Mirror Image
Original Air Date-20 April 2005
With the Mount Thomas serial killer still at large, the team start to look at whether there is now a copycat killer on the loose too. After PJ witnesses Garth losing his temper with Bill Lapscott he does some digging and finds that Garth was the victim of sexual abuse and arrests him on suspicion of murder but Amy is not convinced. After Amy collects food for herself and PJ she is attacked by an unseen assailant. Meanwhile Susie and Jonesy follow up on a report of a baby left in a car, only to find the baby has been kidnapped by the baby's deaf father and he won't tell them where the baby is. Elsewhere, Kelly is outraged when she thinks Joss is stealing chocolate bars from the charity box Mark has set up in the office. But when Joss sets her up she declares war between them.
Season 12, Episode 12: Blood and Bone
Original Air Date-27 April 2005
The Mount Thomas serial killer saga continues as Amy regains consciousness and sees Garth leaning over her and assumes he is the killer. Garth denies it and states that he saw someone attack Amy before he got to her. But later at the hospital she recalls that she smelt a distinctive smell which sets the team on a different but narrow lead - The Prior family. Then Amy is kidnapped by the killer and the team search frantically for her whilst desperately trying to get answers from the Priors. Amy talks to her captor Steven about his abuse and after wards he knocks her out. The team discover Amy and they go to the Prior house where Steven kills his father for the abuse he suffered. Later Amy tells Garth that she doesn't want to see him again as he didn't support her when she needed him years ago.
Season 12, Episode 13: Kicking Over the Traces
Original Air Date-4 May 2005
Depressed Bernie Gardner is found dead by suicide in his garden shed after a confrontation with local doctor Dr. Barbara Hunter. Soon after a bomb in found at the hospital and Susie goes to bat to save Bernie's reputation and as she unravels the case, she discovers that Dr. Hunter had more than one person with a grudge against her. When there is a further bomb threat against the hospital, the Heelers can only avert catastrophe by discovering the true identity of the bomber. Joss believes he has a hot suspect in the hospital bombing case, but when he goes off on his own unauthorized investigation, Kelly suffers the consequences after a paint bomb explodes in her face. Meanwhile, encouraged by Alex, Jonesy finally plucks up the courage to ask Susie out but gets disappointed by her response.
Season 12, Episode 14: Offside
Original Air Date-11 May 2005
Joss is caught in the middle when an armed standoff develops during a game of football. Meanwhile, Susie saves the life of elderly accident victim Molly Sutcliff only to be accused by her daughter Ailsa of stealing her valuable rings. Mark fails to insist that Susie have a full body search which leads Tom to take the opportunity to blast Mark for it, thus escalating their ongoing feud. Fortunately for Susie, Alex makes it his mission to prove her innocence.
Season 12, Episode 15: The Life
Original Air Date-18 May 2005
Season 12, Episode 16: The Ticket Out
Original Air Date-25 May 2005
Season 12, Episode 17: Playing by the Book
Original Air Date-1 June 2005
Season 12, Episode 18: Monster
Original Air Date-8 June 2005
Season 12, Episode 19: Dangerous Animals
Original Air Date-15 June 2005
Season 12, Episode 20: Showdown
Original Air Date-22 June 2005
Season 12, Episode 21: Car Wars
Original Air Date-29 June 2005
Season 12, Episode 22: Night and Day
Original Air Date-20 July 2005
Season 12, Episode 23: The Party's Over
Original Air Date-20 July 2005
Season 12, Episode 24: Crossing the Line
Original Air Date-27 July 2005
Season 12, Episode 25: Warm Blood
Original Air Date-27 July 2005
Season 12, Episode 26: Another Day at the Office: Part 1
Original Air Date-3 August 2005
Season 12, Episode 27: Another Day at the Office: Part 2
Original Air Date-10 August 2005
Season 12, Episode 28: Last Orders
Original Air Date-17 August 2005
Season 12, Episode 29: Getting the Bullet
Original Air Date-24 August 2005
Season 12, Episode 30: Acid Test
Original Air Date-31 August 2005
Season 12, Episode 31: One for the Road
Original Air Date-7 September 2005
Season 12, Episode 32: Two Laws
Original Air Date-14 September 2005
Season 12, Episode 33: Good Times
Original Air Date-21 September 2005
Season 12, Episode 34: Bad Fortune
Original Air Date-28 September 2005
Season 12, Episode 35: Child's Play
Original Air Date-5 October 2005
Season 12, Episode 36: Facing the Music
Original Air Date-12 October 2005
Season 12, Episode 37: Too Close
Original Air Date-19 October 2005
Season 12, Episode 38: Promises, Promises
Original Air Date-26 October 2005
Season 12, Episode 39: Slaying the Demons
Original Air Date-2 November 2005
The video store has been burnt down, with its proprietor inside, and suspicion falls on Matt. Meanwhile, Alex continues his half-hearted performance as sergeant, and every decision he makes seems to go wrong. He continues his campaign for a skate bowl, and sends Joss and Kelly to pick up "Sponge" Bob, an old homeless man accused of leaving a café without paying. This leads them to the railway yards where Estelle had previously nearly blinded Kelly with acid, and she is so jittery she pulls her gun on Spongebob, and he lays a complaint against her.
Season 12, Episode 40: Keeping up Appearances
Original Air Date-9 November 2005
Season 12, Episode 41: Lost and Found
Original Air Date-16 November 2005
Season 12, Episode 42: Face Value
Original Air Date-16 November 2005

The cops of Mt. Thomas are back in the Twelfth Season of this multi-award winning drama, following the trials and tribulations of this close knit rural community. Love, mystery and murder are all in a days work for our favourite BLUE HEELERS.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 25 November, 2010.


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