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Bondi Rescue (Season 7) - 2-DVD Set (DVD) (*)
Out of Stock
(Expected in Stock in 3-6 weeks)

Alternate Title: Bondi Rescue - Season Seven
Screened, competed or awarded at:
Other Film Festival Awards

Language Selections:
English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 )

Product Origin/Format:
Australia ( PAL/Region 0 )

Running Time:
299 min

Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen (1.78:1)

Special Features:
2-DVD Set
Interactive Menu
Scene Access

Movie filmed in 2006 and produced in:
Australia ( Australia, New Zealand )

Directed By:
Martin Baker

Written By:
Martin Baker

Anthony 'Harries' Caroll ..... Himself
Aaron Graham ..... Himself
Andrew Günsberg ..... Narrator (voice)
Bruce Hopkins ..... Himself - Hoppo
Michael Jenkinson ..... Himself
Brad Malyon ..... Himself
Trent 'Maxi' Maxwell ..... Himself
Harry Nightingale ..... Himself
Andrew Reid ..... Himself
Fergus Woolveridge ..... Himself
Adriel Young ..... Himself

Australia's most famous lifeguards are back for a seventh season. Over more than seven summers, television audiences have been thrilled by the dramatic world of the Bondi lifeguards - the real life heroes who patrol one of the world's busiest and most famous beaches. Head lifeguard Hoppo expects his team to give it everything they've got. But with a maximum of eight lifeguards on duty at any one time and over 40,000 beachgoers on a summer's day, the question arises 'is everything they've got enough?' Performing around 2,500 rescues each season and with crowds exceeding 2.5 million people per year, the team have their work cut out for them. The tight knit group work and play together, keeping each other in check and their feet planted firmly on the ground. Experience the action through the eyes of lifeguards as they deal with everything from shark scares to mass rescues, resuscitations, lost children and thieves. Their larrikin humour teamed with their ability to save lives has charmed beachgoers and viewers alike. The series takes viewers up close and personal with the lifeguards, using helmet cams, rescue board mounted cameras, underwater photography and waterproof sound equipment, which captures every crashing wave, terrified face in the race to save lives.

Season 7
Episode #7.1 S7, Ep1 6 Feb. 2012
Bondi hosts the Boost Air Show, a world class international surfing tournament. A pair of incorrigible daredevil knaves deliberately keeps going into dangerous waters until the lifeguards call the police. Brad practices his hobby, photography, mostly on the beach. Russian-born heart patient George has a stroke. Besides Bondi proper, the station also watches over bordering small beaches Tamara and Bronte, where two year-old Korean girl is missing. Mouse leads a heroic search and rescue, recorded by free lance photographer Fergus Woolveridge.
Episode #7.2 S7, Ep2 13 Feb. 2012
Unlike continental Australia, Bondi starts the wettest summer in half a century, but with the sun crowds poor in. The jet-ski saves up to 40 people a day, sometimes so many that some drop off, like Chinese student Kyle, who thus looses his trunks and gets in too much saline water. On Christmas, Harries is jet-Santa and streakers entertain, but alcohol means extra faintings on top of drownings and strays. Just then, an overheated jet-ski breaks down, so Hoppo closes part of the beach.
Episode #7.3 S7, Ep3 20 Feb. 2012
Bondi has a grand New Year 2012 party. Part of the beach is dangerously understaffed, so even trainee Max Ayshford (19) is flat out. Deano recognizes a crazy girl who deliberately got in trouble thrice in two weeks, so the police comes shake her up. Matt Dee seizes his chance to flirt. Even off duty, Hoppo and Reidi jump back in. Z-After the longest day even, Dean must return at night for a missing man, luckily just a stray drunk.
Episode #7.4 S7, Ep4 27 Feb. 2012
Bondi tries an atypical recruit for one year: Jesse Pollock is a 'Bra Boy', from backward Sydney neighborhood Maroubra's fierce surfers 'tribe', under Kobe Abberton, and has a juvenile record. Even part-time paramedic Bobby Yaldwin is puzzled by Calvin (11)'s mystery fainting from excruciating abdominal pain.
Episode #7.5 S7, Ep5 5 Mar. 2012
The Bondi boys enjoy speculating about another, rubber Unidentified Floating Object, which both Maxes collects and remove, but can't classify. Worse is a fleet of Portuguese men on war (jellyfish). A surf crash victim is 'lucky' to be rammed by a chiropractor. Maxiis easy to test his invention, a jet-ski-dragged surf&skate-board, but even Jesse can't make it work. A cliff visitor fell on his own knife.
Episode #7.6 S7, Ep6 12 Mar. 2012
Bodi's subsidiary beach Tamarama is notoriously fickle, notably perilously for surfing near the dangerous, nearly inaccessible 'Twins' rocks. Bacon and trainee Jesse learn the ropes there from veterans like Whippet in mock rescues. Stormy weather requires mass surfer rescues for real.
Episode #7.7 S7, Ep7 19 Mar. 2012
When Corey calls his cop cousin Oliver for a noisy group of nude-revelers near families, hash is discovered. While a nasty wind clears the beach, the bluebottle jellyfish it carries floods the towers with sting victims. In the hassle, someone would have drowned without an alert boy and a surfing former lifeguard. Next day, a Chinese kids group is to clumsy to be rescued with dignity, their chaperons too clueless to be evacuated, but Maxie finds a translation app, and when they ignore that that a live translator with authority.
Episode #7.8 S7, Ep8 2 Apr. 2012
The Bondi boys take a dim view of boogie board 'wrestling', as surfing with cheap sub-size junk is just unreliable and dangerous, especially with poor swimmers. Dynamic duo Maxi and Jesse uses a stormy way to test another novel contraption, which Hoppo later scolds as irresponsible childish mucking. Assined to collect buoys, Jesse disables his jet-ski by dusk, way out at sea.
Episode #7.9 S7, Ep9 9 Apr. 2012
Reidy once a skinny city boy, now successfully challenges the 100 km treadmill world record for a children charity benefit. A beach thief strikes repeatedly until the boys can hand the minor (16) over to the police. A paddle-boarder boastfully practices yoga at sea, but later drifts into it. The mates match her to Reidy, who just lost his girlfriend and custody of their dog, whom he replaced with a mutt from the asylum who proves a dating bonus. A skateboarder (16) makes a bad fall, a case of swallowed sea water.
Episode #7.10 S7, Ep10 16 Apr. 2012
The boys are flat-out at a crowded, hot day with many people ignoring the warning flags and signs, which Terry tests with a cash prize. Reidy is called to the parking lot for bees congregating during a storm, so Bondi vet Chris Brown in consulted.
Episode #7.11 S7, Ep11 23 Apr. 2012
Flat rock make more youngster daredevil diver victims. Ladysman Harries had found Emily on a blind date and wants a romantic proposal during a helicopter flight, requiring a whole sign-digging Bondi crew, but first Hoppo and Kerrbox first trick him to a string-only spray tan- in ugly blue.
Episode #7.12 S7, Ep12 30 Apr. 2012
'Kerrbox')Carlos, a Brazilian fitness trainer surfing with hundreds, incurs a spinal injury, but Whippet, Yates and Troy get him in one piece to the ambulance by jet-ski despite killer waves. Mouse's black cloud is proved despite a beach section swap with Matt, as he still gets to do all rescues, including a spider, and is vomited on a by a rescued man who lost his swim-trunks. On a rainy afternoon, the boys hunt down a rat which disabled a quad, and recycle it to exact some just prank revenge on musophobia-sufferer Kerrbox.
Episode #7.13 S7, Ep13 7 May 2012
When a charming young surfer reports his smart-phone stolen, Maxi spares to effort to track it down, diplomatically get suspects to cooperate and call in the police when it's found. Later, Maxi is so amused by a gardener/stripper's free beach act that he even wants to join in but has to pull the plug before the white thong comes down. Friendly beach football ends with a terrible leg fracture for a cute adolescent, whose pain blissfully turns into high heaven thanks to the green whistle. Some clueless tourists are so hopeless at following safety instructions, like a ...
Episode #7.14 S7, Ep14 May 2012
A season finale with lots of flashbacks, spectacular, funny or rather tragic. To celebrate the end of the tourist season, Maxi organizes a surfing race between 4 teams of four, who each build their own 'boat'. Expert surfer Jesse injures his back seriously but recovers completely. Matt gets to perform his only rescue.

Bondi beach, where Australian metropolis Sydney's people and countless tourists seek sand and water fun, needs a professional corps of life-guards performing numerous rescues and preventive actions every day. They are among the best-trained, strictest selected, most motivated and hard-working rescuers in the world. They also consider it the best possible job, enjoyed in humanitarian dedication and the Aussie spirit of chivalrous macho fun, competition, pranks, mateship-loyalty and unrelenting effort to help weaker or inexperienced people in need. They constantly train eager newcomers on the job.
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 09 June, 2014.


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